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Weekend in Mszczonów Therms

The concept of the Product covers arrangements for weekend relaxation including various forms of leisure activities for all age groups, both for individual customers and for organized groups. The Product Package includes: thermal water pools with various attractions (artificial river, bubbling air beds and benches, hydro-massage and water geysers, two outdoor jacuzzi, saunas, waterslides, salt grotto), 3 walking routes / Nordic Walking, 8 bicycle trails & routes, 2 routes for cross-country skiing. The “Mszczonów Hot Springs Weekend” Product also covers bike, walking sticks and cross-country skiing sets rentals, and the tourist information service providing visitors to Mszczonów with all the required particulars. What underlies the Product development is its Thermal Pool Complex Program.

There are no other facilities offering a similar program in the Region of Mazovia. Our recreational facilities are comprised of five swimming-pool basins:

  • Two year-long basins filled with 34°C thermal water. One of them is situated inside a building and enables reaching an outside basin.

  • Recreational swimming pool outdoors, 32°C water, with different types of attractions: slides, artificial river, water couches and aerating benches, wall massages, neck massage and air geyser.

  • External swimming, dimensions 12,5 m x 25 m, 26°C water – 6 tracks.

  • Paddling pool for children, 28°C, area 70 m2, with mini-slide and “water hedgehog”.

Other attractions:

  • Cooling fountain with 24 water jets.
  • Grass-beach 8900 m2, with three beach volleyball sports fields, playground and outdoor gym.

  • Saunas

  • Two outdoor jacuzzi

  • Salt grotto

  • Roofed ice-rank, ready- to-use beyond the season.

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