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Bicycle and Nordic walking sticks rental shop is open:

May – September every day in the following business hours: since 10.00 a.m. until 8.00 p.m.,

in October every day in the following business hours: since 10.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.

Rental shop of cross-country skiing sets is open:

In the winter period in the following business hours: since 10.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.

  1. The equipment being rented is the property of the Sport and Recreation Centre in Mszczonów.
  2. The equipment being rented is in good technical condition, and it shall be returned to the rental shop in the same condition.
  3. in order to rent the equipment, it is hereby required to:
  • present the document of identity with a photography (an identity card,  passport or driving license), from which the employee of tourist information desk shall copy the data,
  • be a person who has come of age and be sober,
  • sign the agreement of renting the equipment, meaning the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the rental shop,
  • pay in the deposit to cover possible damage which may occur in the course of using the equipment.
  1. The renting person shall bear personal responsibility for the rented equipment.
  2. It is hereby not permitted to hand over the equipment to any third persons.
  3. The renting person hereby renounces all and any claims in relation to the rental shop such as connected with accidents, suffered damage or injuries caused in the course of using the services of the rental shop.
  4. in the case of leaving the rented equipment elsewhere than in the rental shop, it is hereby required that the equipment be secured against theft.
  5. The renting person shall bear full responsibility for the damage caused since the moment of renting the equipment until the time of returning it.
  6. in the case of stealing the equipment, the renting person shall be obliged to notify the Police without delay of the fact of stealing, and afterwards to present a document evidencing the stealing in the Sports and Recreation Centre in Mszczonów.
  7. The renting person shall bear the full costs of the stolen equipment in the following amounts: children bicycle – 650 Polish zlotys, bicycle for adults – 700 Polish zlotys, Nordic walking sticks – 150 Polish zlotys, cross-country skis – 250 Polish zlotys, footwear to be used with cross-country skis – 150 Polish zlotys, and sticks for cross-country skis – 100 Polish zlotys.
  8. The rental shop shall not bear responsibility for hidden defects.
  9. A returnable deposit for renting the equipment shall amount to: bicycle - 100 Polish zlotys, Nordic walking sticks - 20 Polish zlotys, and a set for cross-country skiing – 50 Polish zlotys.
  10. Upon renting, a deposit is collected and an agreement drawn up.
  11. If an employee of the rental shop finds the Customer to be untrustworthy, they may refuse to rent the equipment without stating a reason for that.
  12. The equipment may be rented for the time not exceeding the business hours of the rental shop on a given day, and in accordance with the business hours currently in force, and that means that the equipment shall have to be returned on the day on which it was rented. A failure to return it within the determined deadline shall result in the deposit not being returned, either, and also in notifying the Police of theft.
  13. Reservation for groups of no fewer than 10 persons shall be received no less than one day in advance. A person making the reservation ought to confirm the reservation no later than one hour prior to the arranged time. If this regulation is not complied with, the reservation shall be cancelled.




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