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- Bicycles for rent: 50 altogether, including:20 ladies bicycles, 25 men bicycles, 5 children bicycles.

Extra accessories: child bicycle seats, bicycle baskets and bags, bicycle pumps, sets of keys and spare inner tubes.

- 50 pairs of Nordic Walking sticks:

  • 100 cm - 3
  • 105 cm - 3
  • 110 cm - 8
  • 115 cm - 10
  • 120 cm - 10
  • 125 cm - 8
  • 130 cm - 3
  •  telescopic walking sticks - 5

- 50 cross-country skiing sets

Rental terms and conditions:

  1.  ID document submitted (ID card; driving license; passport);
  2. Security deposit paid: 100 PLN / bicycle and 20 PLN / pair of Nordic Walking sticks and 50 PLN / cross - country skiing set;
  3. Rental contract signed.

 Additional information:

  1. Should the Rental Shop staff not consider a customer credible, they may refuse to rent to him/her without providing any grounds for such a refusal.
  2. By signing a rental agreement the Customer accepts his/her full responsibility for the condition of the rented equipment, i.e. for any damage resulting from its use until the equipment is returned to the Shop. Should the equipment get broken, damaged or stolen, the Customer shall be obligated to compensate the Shop for the damage in accordance with the current price list..
  3. The Rental Shop shall not be liable to the Customer for any accidents or damage resulting from or related to his/her using the equipment. The Customer shall waive his right to claim damages against the Shop for any accident, damage or injury resulting from or related to his/her using the rented equipment.
  4. The rented equipment must be returned to the Shop on a timely basis. Should the deadline be exceeded, an extra payment shall be charged to the Customer’s account.


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